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Four categories for entry:

  • For Profit Business Enterprise - (FPBE) is defined as a business or other organization whose primary goal is making money. Most often described as a business, this can include anything from retail stores to restaurants to service providers and real estate companies.
  • Not-For-Profit Organization - (NPO) is an organization which focuses on a charitable, humanitarian or social goal such as fighting a disease or aiding the community. NPO monetary goals are for operations and service delivery, etc. and generally geared toward keeping the organization operating. For this award, the NPO must be a registered and incorporated non profit agency.
  • Governmental Organization - (GOV) is an official governmental body responsible for oversight and administration of specific public health, safety, military or other service, dictated by Federal, state and local legislative acts, laws, ordinances.

Five size classifications:

  • Micro - consists of 10 or fewer employees
  • Small - consists of 11 - 50 employees
  • Midsize - consists of 51 - 250 employees
  • Large -  consists of 251 - 750 employees
  • Mega - consists of 751 or more employees