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Frequently Asked Questions

If I nominate a company, is that the same as an entry?
No. Once nominated, a representative with the GDBEA will contact the company,advise them of the nomination and review information and process for official submission/entry.

What is the deadline for nomination?
The deadline for nominating a company for the 2018 award is Dec. 31, 2017

What is the deadline for entry submission?
Entry submissions will close Feb. 1, 2018

What are the categories and size classifications?
Companies (public or private) entering the Award competition will be judged in one of four categories based on the type of entity and number of employees: 

Organization Type:

  1. For Profit Business Enterprise 
  2. Not-For-Profit Organization 
  3. Governmental Organization

Organization Size

  • Micro - consists of 10 or fewer employees
  • Small - consists of 11 - 50 employees
  • Midsize - consists of 51 - 250 employees
  • Large - consists of 251 - 750 employees
  • Mega - consists of 751 or more employees

I was a finalist in a previous year, but was not a winner, may I nominate/enter again?
Absolutely.  We encourage those who do not win to resubmit in subsequent years. The goal of the GDBEA is not simply to recognize program excellence, but also encourage improvement and offer educational opportunities  Many previous winners submitted entries in multiple years and remark that the process of entering taught them much about how to improve their current ethics programs.

What are the criteria for judging?
Entrants are judged by an independent panel representing the business, academic, public service, and consulting communities in North Texas. Companies are evaluated based on the company’s executive commitment to business ethics, company ethics program, demonstration of sound ethical practices and commitment to stakeholders. View the detailed criteria on the Criteria for Entry page.

How much information is needed to complete the official entry form?
The entry process is completed online and consists of questions assessing a company’s ethical standards by examining the processes it uses to communicate its values to stakeholders, evaluate and adjust policies and practices related to conduct and operations standards.  Detailed evaluation criteria can be found here, or you can view the short video below. The entry form and its specific requirements may be viewed/downloaded here.

Who judges the submissions and how are they chosen?
An independent panel representing the business, academic, public service, and consulting communities as well as previous GDBEA honorees are selected each year to review the entries. The Judging Committee will be announced in January of each year. You may view the judges from the previous year’s awards Here.

Can any company be nominated?
Public or private companies may enter the award competition (see categories above). Companies may self-nominate as well. Organizations must have at least 5 uninterrupted years of operation.

Are there any opportunities to learn about how to properly complete the entry forms?
Yes, the GDBEA hosts seminars and webinars to answer questions about the entry process.

Is there any cost to nominate or enter?
There is no cost to nominate. Once a company accepts the nomination and commits to completing the application process, there is a $100 registration fee. The process of completing the official entry submission does require a commitment of time and resources to properly research and compile the data needed to submit a quality entry.

How much does it cost to attend the awards luncheon in May?
Individual tickets are $100.

Do nominees/entrants have to purchase tickets or a table at the Awards Presentation Luncheon?
No, but each company that enters receives 2 complimentary seats at the awards luncheon. We encourage nominees and entrants to attend the Awards Program Luncheon to support those recognized and all of those who work to foster strong business ethics in North Texas.

Can nominees/entrants sponsor the Awards Presentation Luncheon?
To preserve the integrity of the process, entrants are not allowed to sponsor the Awards Presentation Luncheon in the year in which they participate, but may purchase tables or tickets to attend.  Past entrants, finalists and winners are encouraged to support the event through sponsorships or purchase of tables and/or tickets.

Please feel free to contact GDBEA by mail at PO Box 803629, Dallas TX 75380-3629, send an email to info@gdbea.org or call (214) 212-2187.